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Palheiro Grill now has a new look and many new features!

  • Elimination of queues to weigh the plates.
  • Reduction of queues to the Barbecue.
  • Adoption of prepayment mode at the restaurant entrance (and not by weight).
  • A la carte barbecue, with service at the counter, and possibility to complement your dish in the salad buffet, side dishes, hot dishes.
  • The traditional Palheiro offers salads, side dishes and hot dishes.
  • Palheiro Pasta offers pasta, sauce and three ingredients that are chosen at the service counter.
  • Palheiro Hamburguer offers artisanal beef with a combination of salad, french fries or rice, chosen at the service counter.
  • In the omelet option, you can choose several combinations, according to your preference.
  • Varied range of desserts in individual doses.

With service for consumption inside or on the terrace or for take away, they offer Palheiro Pasta, Palheiro Hamburgers, Omelettes and Chef’s Suggestions.

Come and see the new space!