Empresas à Boleia helps company employees save time and money on their daily commute from home to office by providing a secure carpooling service. Developed by the team responsible for the project www.boleia.net, the service enables users to discover who lives and works near them and who is willing to share their car and travel costs. Benefits offered to Lagoas Park companies and their employees (1): - The service is free to company employees; - Membership of the “Small Company” plan (companies with fewer than 50 employees) is free. - 10% discount on the anual fee of “Medium Company” and “Large Company” plans. - Companies with more than 50 employees can claim 110% of their investment against tax, benefiting from Law 82-D/2014 Green Tax Reform. To receive this offer, include the partner code “LPARK0315” in the application form available in the partner’s site. Contacts: Telephone: (+351) 914 386 572 E-mail: contato@boleia.net website: empresas.boleia.net (1) All information and prices are the responsibility of the partner.