Founded in 2008 by Dr. Humberto Barbosa,Clínica do Tempo begins a new cycle of rejuvenation and balance to achieve longevity, with highly evolved clinical solutions whose scientific and technical complexity can now apply to this new concept. With several nutrition and rejuvenation services with over 70,000 liposuction and 28,000 non-invasive liftings performed, the Clinic currently has 5 venues in Portugal - Parede, Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and Leiria - and one in Mozambique. Lagoas Park has developed a partnership so you can enjoy exclusive advantages.
  • First Consultation on Nutrition and Body Composition Analysis.
  • 40% discount on body and face treatments (Liposhaper®, Biotime® and Eternus®).
  • 20% discount on consultations and complementary diagnostic tests.
  • 20% discount on all aesthetic services.
  • 10% discount on cosmetic and orthomolecular dietetics.
  The advantages are exclusive to Lagoas Park's companies and their employees and direct family members. (children and spouses).

How to use?

To benefit from this partnership, employees of Lagoas Park must prove that they are employees of resident companies by presenting their professional domain card or email. General contact: (+351) 21 458 85 00 Email: See here the protocol.
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